Aircraft Tracking Savings Calculator

The Flightcell DZMx is the only hybrid aircraft tracking system that offers dual network uninterrupted GPS tracking via satellite and cellular networks, to significantly reduce your tracking costs.

Cellular IP tracking technology provides High Definition (HD) tracking at 15 second intervals and is extremely cost-effective for most. However, monthly cellular broadband and tracking provider charges mean that a minimum number of hours must be flown in cellular range for it to be cost-effective.

We’ve created a simple to use online cost-comparison calculator. Simply enter the average number of flying hours for an aircraft and the percentage of time it’s likely to be operating within cellular range. The calculator will provide indicative cost-savings per aircraft – when compared with satellite only tracking. There’s the potential to save over $4,000 annually per aircraft.

Data and pricing is when buying tracking services from IDG. Results are in $USD and are calculated using the following assumptions:

  • 1 aircraft & 1 TracPlus user subscription
  • $10/month cellular broadband costs
  • 15-second cellular GPS position intervals
  • 2-minute satellite GPS position intervals

Note: typical voice subscription and voice call costs not included.

Follow the instructions below to determine Cellular IP Tracking cost savings based on the average number of flying hours and the average amount of time spent in cellular coverage. Calculations are for a single aircraft.

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