Tracking Services

We offer two different tracking services that both support a multitude of tracking hardware.

GSatTrack is the entry level system and TracPlus is the full feature tracking system.

Please contact us for more information on the tracking systems and recommendations on suitable tracking devices.

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TracPlus is an established and proven global tracking service, providing real-time tracking, event and messaging for aircraft, vehicles, vessels and personnel. TracPlus solutions can be installed without constraint on desktop, web and mobile devices.

With the ability to choose tracking equipment and mapping software that fits your unique needs, TracPlus delivers unprecedented flexibility in meeting the specific requirements of commercial and private operators, NGOs and government organisations alike.

24/7 emergency monitoring and notification services which escalate incidents immediately, gives your operational and safety risk teams the confidence they need.


GSatTrack is a tracking and monitoring platform offering you a complete management solution integrating location services, emergency support and bidirectional messaging.


GSatTrack at a glance:

  • Direct access anywhere
  • Live tracking & monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Geofencing
  • Security System with alert management and bidirectional messaging
  • Bidirectional messaging
  • Speed limit within predefined zones
  • Remote polling & reprogramming
  • Standard Google Maps API cartography and advanced mapping capabilities
  • Administration of terminals and groups
  • Reporting
  • Hierarchical multi-user management structure with several levels of access rights
  • Secured servers
  • Data encryption

Live Tracking & Monitoring

GSatTrack offers live tracking and monitoring of your personnel, vehicles and other assets all around the world and gives access to licensed Google Maps at street level and satellite images enabling:

  • Visualisation of your asset status and location via GPS position updates
  • Geofencing for control of specific zones (dangerous or secured areas)
  • Management of Points of Interest (POI).

Security System

The platform provides a security service to visualise all manual and automatic alarms sent from the deployed terminals to the platform. The data can be routed automatically to the users via email and SMS:

  • Manual notifications (sos alarm buttons, emergency, technical problem, POI, …)
  • Automatic notifications (alarms sent for rollover or violent impact, entry/exit of zones, speed alerts, as well as intrusion, temperature warnings and other M2M purposes…)

GSatTrack supports bidirectional messaging between the terminals and the platform in order to exchange incident messages giving situational awareness (depending on the capabilities of the devices).


The platform provides a standard cartography using licensed Google Maps including street level and satellite images with traffic and weather information. GSatTrack also gives you the ability to advanced mapping capabilities such as aviation and maritime charts, customised maps, and geo-information services.

Administration & Reporting

GSatTrack offers you a hierarchical multi-user management structure with several levels of access rights. You can administrate your field assets by groups that can be created on the basis of their type, function and geographical location. Detailed reports of tracking positions, alarms, and events for each for device can be directly extracted from the platform.