The Company

IDG Europe is a Swedish owned company that was founded in 1992 in close cooperation with the Swedish Defense Forces. Since then IDG Europe has not only been the main supplier of mobile satcom to the Defense, but also to a high degree contributed to several of today’s communication systems.

IDG Europe has a unique competence in advanced communications solutions and we are today the only Swedish company that can offer satcom for all types of applications; land, maritime, aviation, telemedicine and M2M (machine-to-machine).

We have a network of strong partners, who make it possible for us to give our customers access to their resources while our own long and thorough experience makes us able to adapt both solutions and support to our customers’ individual requirements.

IDG Europe is a also system supplier, delivering partly own-labeled professional equipment for:

  • Advanced satellite communication solutions for global field work;
  • Leading-edge portable and independent communications & positioning systems;
  • Advanced electronics for control, surveillance and counter surveillance etc;
  • Portable Power solutions with the world’s most efficient daylight panels.

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