Passenger communications

More and more aircraft operators are looking at providing connectivity for their passengers. Today satcom solutions have the voice and data connectivity they need, allowing them to stay connected throughout the flight. There are a number of satcom systems available today and IDG will work with our customers to suggest cost effective hardware and services to meet your requirements.

Access to the internet

Passenger easy-to-use, seamless access to the internet via their own personal smartphone, tablet or laptop. Corporate network access (VPN) is also possible, helping to keep business passengers connected while in the air.

Use of personal mobile phones

Passengers are able to use their own cellular mobile phones just as if they’re on the ground, for both incoming and outgoing calls – and at costs similar to international roaming rates. A pico-cell is set up on board the aircraft, which routes calls via the satcom system to the ground.

Use of seat-back phones

With satcom, calls can be easily placed using the supplied seat-back or bulkhead handset and charged via credit card.

Integration with IFE

Integration with your current IFE system lets passengers make phone calls, send emails or access the internet via the aircraft’s existing equipment. It also offers airlines the ability to offer dynamic content, such as breaking news.

Maintain connectivity throughout the flight

Satcom systems can deliver scalable, cost-efficient bandwidth as and when required, through an always-available IP ‘pipe’ to the aircraft, supporting both cockpit and passenger communications.