Operational communications

Satcom services enable safe and efficient passage of the aircraft to its destination with the most up-to-date information regarding route, air traffic and airline operational information. Our range of voice and data service also play an increasingly important part in communication between the base and the cabin crew.

Get the weather and non-critical communication

With satcom you have a high-quality reliable voice and data connection between you and the ground, even when you’re out of VHF/HF range. You can get the latest weather charts and other information delivered directly to the cockpit.

Update your electronic flight bag

With satellite communications you can get the latest updates sent directly to your electronic flight bag or tablet. Many providers are working on systems that allow you to update flight plans while in the air, which can then be transmitted back to the ground.

Monitor engine performance and faults

New generation aircraft incorporate highly advanced cockpit IT systems that can communicate with the ground. With satcom onboard, performance data can now be collected and relayed in real time. This enables fast diagnosis and faster turnarounds as maintenance crews – and replacement parts – can be ready for the aircraft when it lands.

Access airline operational information

The crew can contact the ground to arrange onward connections or other services for passengers, or avoid medical diversions using telemedicine applications.

Maintain connectivity throughout the flight

Satcom systems can deliver scalable, cost-efficient bandwidth as and when required, through an always-available IP connection to the aircraft, supporting cockpit applications throughout the flight.