Honeywell Aspire 200

Aspire 200 Satcom System Diagram

The Aspire® 200 is Honeywell’s smallest Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system enabling simultaneous voice and data connectivity at rates up to 650kbps on all classes of aircraft. The Aspire 200 system can be installed with any of the Honeywell antennas to provide all classes of SwiftBroadband service.

The Aspire 200 provides cabin voice and data services through a single channel of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband. Voice services may be accessed through the Honeywell Aspire handset or another standard avionics handset. Data services may be accessed through wired or wireless (WiFi) Ethernet.

Honeywell has secured FAA and EASA supplemental type certification (STC) for the Aspire 200 for the AgustaWestland’s AW139 platform. This is the first rotorcraft certification utilizing this newly developed Inmarsat high-data rate (HDR) service.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous voice and data connectivity
  • Compact system with 200-650kbps per channel
  • Configurable with any Honeywell L-band antenna
  • Software upgradeable for Inmarsat HDR (650kbps)
  • Small, lightweight system
  • Interleaver waveform delivers error-free high-speed worldwide connectivity
  • Ruggedized for helicopter environment

Download Aspire 200 Brochure
Download Aspire 200 Helicopter Brochure

More information on Inmarsat air time services can be found here.

Aspire™ 200 Satcom Systems for Helicopters

Helicopter missions require constant connectivity for passengers and crew, both voice and data. When you’re beyond line of sight or beyond VHF coverage area, you need dependable, reliable high-speed data connectivity. In challenging environments, low latency voice, real-time data transfer and aircraft tracking empower pilots to complete their missions successfully and safely.

Honeywell is responding to these challenges with our Aspire™ 200 Satcom System for Helicopters. The Aspire 200 satellite communications system offers a broad range of connectivity options to suit a wide variety of requirements. These systems operate on the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network, which has worldwide coverage. With the recently certified high data rate (HDR) upgrade, incorporating a long-burst interleaver, it is now ideal for helicopter operations – especially those on critical emergency medical or SAR missions.

The system is designed with common interfaces that provide flexible installation options and ease of upgrade to further increase the system’s capabilities.

Honeywell’s performance is unmatched and unparalleled. The Aspire 200 System with HDR can transmit more data, faster than any other L-band system. No matter what your mission — EMS, Law Enforcement, Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue, VIP – or the area of your operations, Aspire 200 System provides a high-speed data connection that is always on.

High Data Rate (HDR) S/W Upgrade

The HDR software upgrade is used to enhance Inmarsat L-band services. The upgrade to SwiftBroadband channels provides up to 650 Kbps per channel compared to the previous maximum data rate of 432 Kbps. This low cost solution for increasing cabin performance also reduces the effects of rotor blockage making it an ideal solution for adding high speed data to helicopters. The HDR software upgrade may be installed by a qualified user or the terminal can be returned to Honeywell for upgrade at an additional cost.

Standard Components


The Communications Convergence Unit (CCU-200) is a full-service multi-port router, Wi- Fi® Access Point (802.11 a/b/g) and full-featured PBX (digital and analogue) that supports VoIP, phone directory, call forwarding and three-way calling. The component provides network and telephony connectivity to multiple cabin users with Swift 64, SwiftBroadband systems and offers programmable, digital I/O.

Aspire CCU-200


The Aspire HDU-200 Transceiver (HDU-200) offers one channel of SwiftBroadband service for simultaneous voice and data connectivity with the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network and fallback to Swift 64 with a high-gain antenna. HDU-200 is designed for flexible installation and can be mounted inside or outside the pressure vessel.

Aspire HDU-200


The Integrated High-power/ Low-noise Amplifier Diplexer (IPLD) connects the HDU-200 to the externally mounted aircraft antenna. With an integrated higher-power amplifier, it provides optimal performance of the voice and data communication services over SwiftBroadband or Swift 64, even in adverse conditions. The unit’s integrated Type F diplexer ensures compliance with SwiftBroadband service requirements. The IPLD is rated for installation outside the pressure vessel.

Aspire IPLD


The Satcom Configuration Module (SCM) stores all configuration information for the HDU-200. It gives the operator the ability to seamlessly upgrade a component without the time and effort of reconfiguring the units and reprovisioning the network access.

Aspire 200 SCM

Antenna Options

Honeywell’s range of Inmarsat antennas fits a wide range of aircraft types using a variety of fuselage adapters and radomes.


The AMT-1800 is the smallest available Class 7 ARINC781 intermediate-gain Inmarsat antenna that offers up to 332 kbps voice and data service as a part of the Aspire 200 IG communications system. The AMT-1800 IGA operates over the extended L-band frequency range to support operation with the new Inmarsat Alphasat satellite. The antenna’s phased array technology maintains gain at very low angles and meets stringent SwiftBroadband Passive Intermodulation (PIM)requirements.



The AMT-700 is a complete ARINC 781 high-gain antenna offering up to 432 kbps of voice and data services over the Inmarsat satellite network. Connected to the IPLD and installed on the empennage of an aircraft’s tail, the antenna’s technology and design (U.S. patent pending) result in the highest gain of any Inmarsat Mechanical High-gain Antenna — achieving greater than 13.5 dBic over the Inmarsat networks.



The AMT-3800 is an ARINC 781 high-gain antenna offering up to 432 kbps of voice and data service over the Inmarsat satellite network. It is mounted on top of the fuselage and connects to the IPLD. The antenna’s phased array technology maintains gain at very low angles and meets stringent SwiftBroadband Passive Intermodulation (PIM) requirements.


Network Accelerator Options

Enhance system performance with an optional network accelerator


The CNX-250 Cabin Gateway is a multi-port network router with a data accelerator module that acts as the communications hub for all aircraft data links. The appliance increases the number of network users, the strength of encryption and the speed (data acceleration) of a Satcom or ATG system.

The CNX-250 provides a single cabin network based on Ethernet that supports high-speed data and VoIP communications and is scalable to support future growth and system expansion.

  • Next Generation Acceleration/Compression technology
  • Multi-WAN support
  • 2x ISDN BRI ST
  • 3G/4G connectivity (on ground only)
  • Wi-Fi ON/OFF discrete
  • Streaming class QoS management
  • VoIP support with VoIP trunking
  • Reliability 30,000 MTBF
  • CNX-250


    A simple upgrade to the older CGS-710, the CNX®-800 Cabin Network Accelerator offers passengers all of the luxuries they would find in their offices – send/receive email, host a video conference, surf the Internet and much more – while also providing higher speed, higher bandwidth and more secure communications.

    To realize the benefits of the advanced features and functionality, inclusive of High-Speed Data Connectivity and Internet Protocol (IP) security, Business Jet and Defense operators can upgrade their existing CGS-710 to a CNX-800, a member of Honeywell’s third generation cabin gateway family.