Flightcell DZMx

Flightcell DZMx

Flightcell DZMx

Flightcell DZMx – your solution for global dialup voice, data and tracking

The DZMx is the world’s smallest, lightest and smartest satcom system – all in a single compact panel-mounted module.

The DZMx is the only all-in-one satcom and cellular communication and tracking system, using the Iridium network for remote operation and/or the 3G/4G LTE network for lower operating and tracking cost. The DZMx provides:
– Global dialup voice
– Global data and messaging
– GPS tracking

Customisable for all types of helicopter operation, with flexible modem configuration, multiple data interfaces and powerful software capabilities to suit different applications. NVG compliant with optional voice and data encryption for military operations.

Download Flightcell DZMx Brochure
Download Flightcell DZMx with Iridium PPT Brochure


All-in-one design
Half the size. Twice the functions. This very smart little unit does voice, data and GPS tracking.

Reduce your installation costs
All electronics are contained in one compact panel mounted control head. There’s no additional hardware to go in the avionics bay, and minimal wiring, which means a substantial reduction in installation time and cost.

The world’s smallest satcom system, now 47% smaller
Flightcell DZMx measures only:
– 4.95” (125mm) wide
– 2.18” (55mm) high
– 4.72” (120mm) deep.

Smart design for flexible configuration
DZMx is the world’s only system that allows you the freedom to select from multiple modem configurations:

The world’s toughest satcom system
Built to MILSPEC and DO160G certified
Designed to withstand extremes of temperature, vibration and impact
Super strong machined alloy faceplate, and extruded alloy housing.

Environmentally sealed for longer life
Proven in hostile physical environments such as Antarctica and the desert, DZMx is designed to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, and the incursion of salt fog, water, sand and dust.

User-friendly interface
DZMx has an intuitive and familiar keypad layout:
– Soft touch, backlit silicone keypad
– Miskey prevention guard
– Convex keys for accurate glove operation
– Easy to use LCD menu

Night vision compliant
Keypad and LCD display with night vision compliant backlighting:
– NVIS A compliant (MIL3009)
– NVIS B compliant.

External sim card access
Easy, external access to sim card slots to change your satellite or cellular network service providers.

Multiple connection options
DZMx connects your devices via multiple interface and protocol options for ultimate versatility:
– USB plug in port
– D25 Serial connector (male and female) with RS232, RS432, RS485, ARINC 429, Ethernet and USB
– TNC satellite and cellphone antenna connection
– BNC GPS antenna connection.

USB & Ethernet Hub
We recommend all installations include this USB & Ethernet connector box. Available with Civil or Military connections.

DZM manager
No software required. A built in web server provides a ‘DZM Manager’ for configuration of voice, tracking and data settings, and can be accessed from any device with an ethernet port (e.g. tablet, laptop PC) that has a web browser.
– Set, save and restore your optimised user settings.
– Load in canned messages
– Load in speed dial numbers and phone book

Optional remote control head
Allows full operational functionality from multiple, remote locations on board the aircraft.


Satellite and cellular voice calls
Wherever you are in the world, you’’re always connected with DZMx.
Flightcell DZMx provides crystal clear voice communications via the Iridium satellite and 3G Broadband cellular networks.

Integrated voice calls via aircraft audio system
Talk whilst on the move via satellite and cellular networks.
– Full global coverage via Iridium satellite
– Low cost cellular option when in range.

Two independent voice channels
Two internal modems provide voice flexibility, and the ability
to make two calls at the same time.
Choose your voice setup from these options:

Crystal clear audio
DZMx is a full digital audio system for optimal sound quality.
– Fully adjustable audio input/output levels.

User adjustable audio
– Adjust mic volume
– Adjust headset volume

Audio interface optimizer
Fully adjustable audio input and output levels.
– Set volume to and from audio system/ICS
– Save and restore your optimised settings using DZM Manager.

Standard phone keypad layout
DZMx is the only satcom system that uses this standard and familiar phone keypad layout.

100 number speed dial phone book
All your contacts are easily accessible from the built-in phone book menu.
– Update and manage your contacts using included DZM Manager software.

Cabin phone interface
DZMx offers a number of cabin phone connection options:
– Multiple connectors – POTS 2 wire, USB, Ethernet
– Private call options
– Cabin to cockpit intercom interface
– 2 channels for simultaneous calls.

Voice encryption module
Optional built-in AES-256 bit voice and data encryption system for the Iridium network.
– Ground station options also available.


GPS flight tracking and event notification
Detailed. Precise. Uninterrupted.
DZMx is the only system that offers dual network, uninterrupted GPS tracking via both satellite and cellular networks to significantly reduce your tracking costs.

True Path Tracking
More accurate flight path mapping.
DZMx bundles multiple additional GPS positions during each transmission to provide more accurate and comprehensive path mapping. These extra positions are in effect sent for free and better depict the behaviour and actual flightpath of the aircraft.

Choose your own mapping provider
Flightcell’s open recipient data feed gives you a choice of mapping service option:
– Choose our recommended tracking service provider, more information here
– Route tracking messages to your in-house mapping service

Uninterrupted tracking
Whether you go out of network range, make a call or send data, DZMx keeps tracking by auto-switching to the best available option:
– 3G Broadband or SMS (when in cellular range)
– SBD Iridium satellite (when out of cellular range)
– SMS Iridium satellite (when on satellite voice call)

DZMx Uninterupted tracking

One key distress signal
Sends maximum frequency emergency status with GPS position.

Automated rescue monitoring (A.R.M.)
DZMx sends a flight monitoring request to your tracking provider for automated Search and Rescue notification.
– One key activation
– Monitor all your aircraft
– Get notified if tracking is unexpectedly interrupted.

Very simple configuration
Setting up your DZMx tracking configuration is easy:
– Onscreen via DZMx keypad and menu
– Remotely via connected device using DZM Manager
– Remotely via Iridium network using DZM Manager.


Full global data capability via your connected device
Flightcell DZMx connects your aircraft to the world via the Iridium satellite narrowband and 3G broadband networks for full global data connectivity.

Messaging via your connected device
With it’s built-in modems, DZMx provides the ability to use a connected PC, tablet or keypad to create, send and receive messages.
– Send and receive 160 character SMS via built-in satellite and cellular modems
– Send and receive 1500 character SBD via Iridium 9523 transceiver
– Full email and internet via DZMx 3G/4G LTE Broadband.

Canned messaging
Quickly send pre-loaded messages direct from your DZMx to a cellphone, satphone or map.
– Select from 255 user programmable canned messages
– Choose your network based on cost and availability, Send via Iridium SBD, Iridium SMS or cellular SMS.

Data encryption
Flightcell offers the world’s only commercial AES-256 bit voice and data encryption system for the Iridium network.
– Securely encrypts position and location data
– Used by military organisations around the world
– Available as an built-in module in DZMx
– Ground station options also available.

Connect external devices via the following protocols:
– Serial – RS232, RS432, RS485
– ARINC 429
– Ethernet


Flight data management interface
DZMx connects to flight management systems to send and receive application specific data. Multiple input and protocol options are available so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
Some current applications include:
1. Record and transmit fire bucket sensor data
– Accurate GPS position and volumes for drop and fill
– Live transfer of data to fire control centre
2. Agriculture spray and crop dusting management
– Pick up and drop weights and volumes
– Drop location data
– Flight time tracking
– Live transfer of data to central control for accurate billing
3. General flight data management (FDM)
– Exceedence notification
– Engine time logging
– Connection to other FDM systems
4. Electronic flight bag
Transmission and receipt of:
– Onboard passenger information
– Customer service information
– Manifest data.

Sensor inputs / outputs
Four configurable sensor inputs and two digital outputs:
– Shared analog / digital


Global Push-to-Talk with DZMx

Flightcell DZMx, the world’s smallest, lightest, toughest and smartest satellite and cellular communications system – now with Iridium® Satellite Push-to-Talk (PTT).

DZMx’s Iridium® PTT functionality provides a global one-to-many capability that is fast and secure. Aircraft with PTT capable DZMx can talk to:
• Other aircraft with DZMx PTT
• Personnel on the ground using Iridium® Extreme PTT handsets
• Command posts with DZMx PTT ground stations
• Vehicles with DZMx PTT.

These capabilities are ideally suited to the military, first responder units and search and rescue teams.

Flightcell DZMx switches between PTT and phone modes with the push of a button. DZMx supports aircraft tracking in both phone and PTT modes. PTT will be supported on both the current Iridium® network and Iridium® NEXT.

Coverage areas, device security and talkgroup configuration are adjusted using a web-based Iridium® PTT Command Center tool that simplifies support and maintenance of devices deployed in the field.

What is Iridium PTT?
Iridium® PTT uses Iridium’s constellation of 66 cross-linked low-earth orbit satellites to provide PTT communications between people anywhere on the globe.

Using an Iridium® PTT command center you define coverage areas and user talkgroups. As situations evolve you can make changes that are carried out within seconds. In any talkgroup you can define up to 10 service areas located across the globe. Interoperability allows different organisations to communicate when they need to. Iridium PTT comes with AES-256 encryption – one of the most secure standards available.