Flightcell Welcomes WiFi and Bluetooth Onboard

| March 28, 2018

At Heli-Expo 2018 – Flightcell announces two highly desirable new features for the DZMx units.  From July 2018, Flightcell will ship the first DZMx units with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Both capabilities will be optional enhancements.

Built-In WiFi provides the functionality of a hotspot and router, to offer up a cellular broadband data connection to the internet for onboard smart devices and connected equipment – e.g. medical monitors as recently featured in Vertical 911 Magazine.

This is all achieved without the need for a separate WiFi router installation and the WiFi antenna and components are all installed within the existing DZMx housing.

This capability will significantly enhance your ability to move data and information to and from the aircraft. The simple needs of internet searches are now available and with the DZMx already connecting to multiple onboard systems, the more complex tasks of relaying data from connected on board systems are getting simpler – see article on Engine Trend Monitoring.

Built In Bluetooth allows onboard smart devices to pair and be connected to the DZMx. Mobile phone calls can be made and answered through the headset, providing pilots and crew with a hands-free capability and they can listen to streaming audio.

The WiFi and Bluetooth options will be available for all new purchases that ship from July 2018 and existing DZMx customers will have the option to upgrade their units to be WiFi and Bluetooth capable.

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