PoGO+ the light-weight Polarized Gamma-ray Observer

| September 20, 2016


The experiment was designed to measure the polarization of soft gamma rays in the 25 keV – 80 keV energy range. The scientific gondola was carried by a balloon. After a mission time of 163.5 hours, the gondola was cut from the balloon at 23:40 on 18th July and landed by parachute approximately 50 minutes later on Victoria Island, Canada.

The flight went extremely well and the team conducted 7 observations of the Crab and 6 observations of Cygnus X-1 in excellent observing conditions. During the flight real time data communications with the PoGO+ was conducted using a customized Iridium Pilot terminal provided by IDG Europe.

A recovery team was sent to the landing site to organize the transport of the gondola back to Sweden. Most important was the data storage units that was filled with more than 100 GBytes of scientific data from the flight.

IDG Europe wants to congratulate SSC on the successful mission and thank SSC for choosing IDG Europe for delivering the satcom solutions for the experiment.

Fantastic movie from PoGO+ launc on Tuesday morning, 12th of July at 03:17 UTC from Esrange in Sweden.


More info on the PoGO+ experiment (in Swedish language)

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